1 Land Rover Defender

x 7 | x 6 | x 5 | Diesel | 6-speed manual | 4WD

The Land Rover Defender is a living legend and an icon of classic design.  It has superior 4wd capabilities,  which along with its rugged features and durability in 4wd situations, make this the ideal vehicle for Icelandic conditions.  This Land Rover Defender is fitted with a snorkel and 31" tires, offering enhanced 4x4 capabilities, improved road stability and a smoother ride along the country roads and highland tracks. Each vehicle also comes with a pulling rope, jack, shovel and tire iron in an on-board tool bag.

Our cars have 7 seats with a seating arrangement of 2+3+2.

You can easily add a roof rack, a trailer, jerry cans and other accessories to your order, allowing you to carry more equipment and reach further on your journey.


Please note that when using all 7 seats there is only space for 3 small suitcases


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